WEEK  1------

Monday July 23rd

4-5:30pm      Breakdancing All Levels / ages 9+      Joshua Michelberg          

5:30-7pm      Leaps/ Turns/ Technique Level II/III  age 11+  Anna              

Tuesday July 24th

4-5:30pm      Tap   Level 2/3        ages 11+                       Devin Adler

5:30-7pm      Jazz Technique         II/III  age 11+                Dosya 

Wednesday July 25th

4-5:30pm     Contemporary   Level  I/II     age 6+               Dosya

5:30-7pm   Ballet Technique    Level III      age 10-14          Anna

Competition Team Choreography   7-9pm       invite only

Thursday July 26th

4-5:30pm    Hip Hop        Level I/II            age 6+             Ben                  

5:30-7pm    Contemporary Level II/III         age 12+          TBA

Friday July 27th

3pm-4pm   Ballet Technique  Level II          age 9-15           Anna

4-5:15pm Jazz Technique Level I/II             age 9-15            Anna

5:15-6:30pm   Contemporary  Level III        age 12+            Dosya

WEEK 2----- Monday July 30th   

4-5:30pm      Breakdancing All Levels / ages 9+      Joshua Michelberg          

5:30-7pm      Jazz Technique  level III/ IIII      age 12+            Anna  

Tuesday July 31st

4-5:30pm     Tap   Level 2/3                 ages 11+            Devin Adler

5:30-7pm     Conditioning/ Tumbling           ages 9+             Dosya

Wednesday August 1st

4-5:30pm     Hip Hop       Level I/ II            age 6+     Ben

5:30-7pm     Contemporary   Level II/ III   age 11+       Sophie

Competition Team Choreography   7-9pm              invite only

Thursday August 2nd

4-5:30pm     Ballet           Level I/ II         ages 8-12          Dosya     

5:30-7pm     Lyrical Jazz level II/III          age 12+            Anna

Friday August 3rd

Pool Party $10 per dancer/ Included with Unlimited Workshops

Come Dance with us


SUMMER WORKSHOPS 2018 Schedule and Fees
July 23rd - August 3rd

1.5 hours - $25
4 workshops - $95
6 workshops - $140
8 workshops - $185
10 workshops - $230
unlimited - $250